me@nowhere 1:末日前的最后一小时 60 MINUTES TO THE END OF THE WORLD 【March1-4】



A compilation of monodrama by real people, sharing a true story that is formed by feelings and thoughts. At the end of the day, its all abt being honest and sincere. It’s true and it’s real.

Royce陈志康 and Redza Minhat
with Season徐世顺 / William叶伟良 / Coby庄可比
Ken林勇全 / hongyi王宏毅 / Jeff刘俊腾 / Wayne施宇
Damien ST / Samuel Lee小撒 / Will David陈达伟 / Damien Lew

Presented by: The Actors Studio
Directed by导演: Douglas Wong王衍任
Lighting Designer灯光设计: Sing Lim
Director’s Assistant导演助理: Yuan Yuan元元

Date/Time: Mar 1(Thur) 8.30pm / Mar 2(Fri) 8.30pm / Mar 3(Sat) 3pm & 8.30pm / Mar 4(Sun) 3pm
Ticket: RM35
Rating: 18-PL (*只限18岁或以上)

Box Office:
03-2142 2009 / 03-2143 2009 / 03-4047 9000 /

Supported by: Solaio Hair Spa / Enya School of Beauty / mod ateliar creative hub


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