Colours– Green represent energy, actively and freshBlack represent formally, seriously & stableRed represent warm, enthusiastic & passionateWhite represent brightness of lights

Idea behind– Design elements using free stroke is to create a natural feel in life and also to show the original creation of performance by the creator.

Graphic strokes– The inspiration came from the alphabet ASLI, the design development with the alphabet “A” to combine three strokes to form a figure to express the feeling of performing freely on stage. The stroke putting on top of the other two black strokes to express the warmest presentation to the audience from the heart of performer. The green colour stroke in a square form vertically represent a stage and the white base to show the brightness of the stage lighting.

ASLI– And the four alphabets “ASLI” base at the bottom to show that the association is really support and the performances in future strong and steady.