venue: CIvic Hall, PJ

出场次 Show Time:
25 June 2011 (Saturday), 8pm
26 June 2011 (Sunday), 11am
26 June 2011 (Sunday), 4pm

主办单位 Organizer:
般若学舍 Persatuan Meditasi Prajna KL & Sel.

联办单位 Co-organizer:
ASLI戏剧联盟 Drama Art Community Association KL & Sel.

呈现单位 Performing Group:
泰国默剧团 Babymime
Babymime乃来自曼谷的默剧团,由3位青年表演者(Nging Ta and Glur)所组成。他们投入剧场表演有10年的历史。7年前,3人正式组成Babymime,并将Babymime定位在卡通形象,以轻松、欢乐和易懂,充满灵感和想象力的方式,融入表演创意中。他们致力于从生活中的细微小事里取得材料和元素,结合肢体语言,然后放大呈现为趣味性的作品,甚受观众喜爱,尤其是孩童观众。
A group of young pantomime artists(Nging Ta and Glur) inspired by children (baby)’s imagination. Their works are conveniently accessible and very enjoyable. They always pick up topics of everyday life that might overlooked by us. Babymime changes them into delicious piece of works which can provide us some happy laughter thought and also artistic value.

受惠团体 Beneficiaries:
1. 梅道诊所 Mae Dao Clinic
2. 緬甸移工教育委員會會 Burmese Migrant Worker Education Committee(BMWEC)
3. 马来西亚荒野保护协会 The Society of Wilderness Malaysia(SOWM)
4. 戏剧联盟 Drama Art Community Association KL & Sel.
5. 善童学园 Prajna Childern Space

询问热线 Info Hotline:
般若学舍03-6157 2606 / 012-271 6804 或
ASLI戏剧联盟 012-203 3599
(注:若要请票,请拨打询问热线或将您的联络电话以SMS发送给我们,谢谢!Please contact us or SMS your contact number to us if you would like to get show ticket. TQ!)

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